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Why Winterize & Inspect?

Call (606) 280-7665 between 10AM-6PM to schedule your FREE Winterization and FREE Inspection. In order for the winterization to be free, you must call, walk in, or text our facebook page and make your appointment!

When RV owners hear the word “winterize,” it conjures up thoughts of protecting the RV plumbing system from freezing temperatures. The definition for “winterize” is to prepare something, such as a house or automobile, to withstand cold winter conditions. This is interesting because RVs are both a house and a vehicle. So, in addition to winterizing the RV plumbing system, we need to be concerned about preparing the RV’s interior, exterior, and chassis components for the harsh winter months too.

With that said, the most logical place to start is to protect the RV plumbing system from damage, since this is the number one problem RV owners face during periods of freezing temperatures. If you don’t protect the RV plumbing system, any water remaining in the water lines or tanks can freeze, expand, and break fittings and lines. This can be a very costly mistake next spring.

Inspections offer a comprehensive visual inspection of the major mechanical components on your rig. The type of inspection will depend on the type of unit you are looking to inspect, especially as it pertains to Motorhomes vs Towable RVs. All RVs will undergo inspection for their most important and costly mechanical components. For those of you looking to have a motorhome inspected, our techs will review all of the components, in addition to a test drive which will check for any and all unusual vibrations, sounds, or visible defects.  Image #1